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Three-wheeled bicycle WS-828R-2 Boy

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Three-wheeled bicycle WS-828R-2 Boy
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Categories: Three-wheeled bicycles

Comfortable children's bicycle blue-green colors. Will be a favorite first transport for summer walks toddlers from 1 year to 4 years.


-Removable integral parent handle,

-Sun Visor,

-Two plastic baskets for things and toys,

-Bag for trifles on the parent handle,

-Fabric cover on the seat,

-Rear view mirrors,

-Toys on the steering wheel,

-FM Radio, MP3 player,

-Double depreciation.

Double amortization will provide comfort for the child even on the roughest roads. The seat cover can be easily removed and dries quickly. The comfortable parent handle makes it easy to control your bike with just one hand.

Manufacturer Rueda Co., LTD

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