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Bike "MARS-12" White from 3 years

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Bike "MARS-12" White
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Categories: Children's bicycles two-wheeled, Children's bicycles 12 inches from 3 years height up to 100 cm

New baby bike from 3 years old Mars 12!


  • The bicycle frame is made in a very unusual performance!
  • The bike is very light and very durable due to the unusual alloy it is not metal butMagnesium and aluminum alloy!
  • Pay attention to the shape of the steering wheel if necessary it can be folded! Which is very convenient when transporting in the trunk of the car or storage of the house occupies little space. This function is calledQuick Realesee(Quick Rylis).
  • Two disc brakes on the steering wheel.
    The peculiarity of this bike is thatIn it it metal at allAll the element as the frame fork front and rear, steering wheel and even the auxiliary wheels are all made of high-tech light and durable alloy magnesia and aluminum!
  • In this model, the steering wheel AlsoWatchMade in classic style!
Approximate age of the child 4-6 лет (16")
Age category детский
Frame size (orietizing height) S (рост 110-145 см)
Wheel diameter 14"
Frame material Магнезий
Color Белый
Year 2018
Additional equipment вспомогательные боковые колеса
Weight 7.7 kg