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Bike "CASPER-20" Blue

Bike "CASPER-20" Blue
2,640 грн.
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Categories: Children's bicycles two-wheeled, Children's bikes 20 inches from 8 years height up to 125 cm

Stylish, practical bicycle CASPER-20 Blue from the brand "VOYAGE" is made in classic retro style.

The CASPER bike is very practical and maneuverable, thanks to the understated frame design, the ease of use and movement increases.

For a more comfortable use of the bike, the steering wheel and seat are adjustable.

Reliable and high-quality front and rear brakes provide comfortable and safe braking.

20-inch wheels have double rim (double Wall) and ponely quality tires, which affects the comfort of movement.

The presence of the rear and front wings will save your child from falling on shoes and clothes unwanted contamination.

The CASPER-20 bike is equipped with:

  • Auxiliary wheels,
  • Liquid bottle,
  • Front plastic Basket,
  • Pump
  • Built-in rear trunk,
  • On the steering wheel
  • and Catphos.
Manufacturer ROYAL VOYAGE
Approximate age of the child 8-10 лет (20")
Age category детский
Frame size (orietizing height) S (рост 110-145 см)
Wheel diameter 20"
Color голубой
Year 2018
Additional equipment вспомогательные боковые колеса, Корзинка