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Manege-Cot SIGMA F-E-W

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Manege-Cot SIGMA" F-E-W
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Manege-Cot F-R-Wis not only a game manege but also a full-fledged crib with rocking function.

Manege-Cot is equipped with:

  • Suspended bottom for newborns,
  • Retractable metal running boards which perform the function of rocking,
  • Two wheels with locking for convenient and easy movement of the arena, rotating at 360 degrees
  • Carousel with three soft toys,
  • Comfortable changing table,
  • Removable shelf with two compartments for small things and
  • Special Unit 3 in 1 with functions-vibration/nightlight/music.

For convenience, the lateral part of the arena is built snake, so that the child could enter and exit the arena.

Also included in the package is a bag-case for convenient transportation of the arena.

The size of the 110 is 60 cm standard, the bottom is lowered to the bottom of the mattress comes in complete

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