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Children's Sledge "Snow Star

Children's Sledge "Snow Star
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Children's sledge "Snow Star"

  • Children's Snow Star sledge is made of high-strength and frost-resistant plastic.
  • The sledge is durable and at the same time light. What is an undeniable advantage in use for both children and their parents.
  • The Snow Star sleds have a comfortable footrest and also a backrest for greater comfort.
  • The sleds are equipped with a cable with a convenient handle for towing a sled and also small holes in the area of the seat to prevent snow from accumulating and sledding for your child is as comfortable as possible!

Children's snow sleds from the Polish manufacturer Marmat ™ have long won the confidence of modern parents, who have made their choice in favor of reliability and high quality.

Product Features:

  • The size of the sleds (LxWxH): 90x46x29 cm.
  • Material: impact-resistant cold-resistant plastic
  • Rope length: 1 meter.
  • Load: up to 50 kg
  • Weight sled: 2.6 kg.
  • Age: 2+

Plastic sleds “Snow star” are big, modern, beautiful, comfortable. With such sleds, winter fun will be much more fun!

Good sliding speed and maneuverability provide wide runners with metal lining, protecting them from abrasion and mechanical damage.

The sleds are made of frost-resistant plastic of increased strength, and for greater reliability they are also equipped with stiffeners. Also “Snow star” sleds are equipped with a solid rope with a convenient handle for towing.

Due to the low weight of the sleds, even a small child is able to independently drag them up the hill.

The back in this model is not included in the package, however there are special grooves for its installation. The back is acquired separately.

Snow star plastic sleds are available in different colors, you can choose a color when ordering.

Color Красный
Weight 2 kg

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