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"S800 HAMMER Extrime" Wheels 24 ' ' x 4.0. Aluminum frame 14 ' '

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"S800 HAMMER EXTRIME" Wheels 24’’4,0. Aluminum frame 14 ’’
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Categories: Велосипеды 24 дюймов от 12 лет рост до 155см, Shimano ® Teenage Bikes

The Hammer Extrime S800 is a jeep among bicycles! The first fat bike (Fat Bike), was designed to ride in the snow.

But the idea of a bicycle on wide all-terrain tires was liked by many people.

Now, Fat Bike (Fat Bike), used not only in winter conditions, but also for skiing on sandy beaches and dirt roads.

Courageous appearance and image of the coupe, becomes the reason for the purchase of Fat Bike (Fat Bike) more and more people for everyday use.

Wide tires, if not pumped, well absorb the bumps in the road.

And excellent off-road qualities make it versatile.


Maximum payload: 100 kg

- Bike weight: 19 kg

- Frame: aluminum alloy

- Frame size: 14 "

- Wheel rims made of aluminum alloy

- Wheel diameter: 24 inches

- Tires: 24 '' x 4.0 inches

- Front / rear brakes: disc

- Shifting: Shimano semi-automatic

- Pedal drive: 7 speeds, "Shimano TX-35"

- Footboard

Box size 143x22x71cm

Shipping Weight: 20.9kg

Weight without box: 16.9 kg

Also included is a pump and a bell.


Hammer Extrime S800 Fat bike is a stylish bike. It stands out from the total mass more than any other bike, so the attention of those around you is guaranteed!

In addition to the catchy appearance, the bike has good technical characteristics and high maneuverability. On the Fat bike of the Hammer Extrime S800, you can drive in places inaccessible to the ordinary bike: along the sand on the beach, snow, off-road. Feel your superiority!

The proposed model is suitable for people 145–170 cm tall. A large range of adjustments to the saddle height and steering wheel, allows it to be adjusted to people of different height and build. The design of the steering determines the landing of the cyclist for an active drive.

brand Hammer
Manufacturer Hammer
Тип Хард Тейл (передняя амортизация на вилке)
Размер Рамы 14"
Класс Фатбайк
Approximate age of the child 10-12 лет(24")
Age category Подростковый
Wheel diameter 20"
Frame material Алюминий
Color Красный