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Bicycle Lex-007 (10/8 EVA wheels) Grey

Bicycle Lex-007 (10/8 EVA wheels) Grey
950 грн. 2,180 грн.
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Categories: Three-wheeled bicycles

A reliable, quality bike is a non-brand of coloring. Lightweight metal frame makes this model easy, but at the same time durable.


-Removable integral parent handle,

-Awning from the sun,

-Large durable basket for things and toys,

-Pocket for Trifles on the parent handle,

-Soft fabric cover on the seat,

-Leg stand,

-Polyurethane wheels 10 and 8 inches.

This three-wheeled transport is perfect for children of 1-4 years. Walking around the city will become faster and more exciting. If you want to buy a children's bike of excellent quality at a good price, then choosing this model, you will not go wrong.

Manufacturer Rueda Co., LTD
Color Черный