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Children's bike with handle "HAMMER-12" S600

Children's bike with handle "HAMMER-12"S600
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Categories: Children's bicycles two-wheeled, Children's bicycles 12 inches from 3 years height up to 100 cm

Two-wheeled bicycle for children from 2 to 5 years. Quality materials-metal and rubber, durable plastic and stylish design.

-Sturdy metal frame,

-Wear-resistant rubber wheels,

-Closed circuit,

-Protection against dirt,

-Hand Brake,

-Adjustable seat,

-Roomy basket,

-Removable parent handle.

Great bike for the little racers who are just starting to learn to ride. If you want to buy a good bike for your beloved baby, then this model is for you!

ModelS500And S600 are distinguished by the shape of the frame pipes. HaveS500It is round.

Age category детский
Frame size (orietizing height) XXS (рост 85-120 см)
Wheel diameter 12"
Frame material сталь
Suspension type без амортизаторов
Plug сталь, жесткая
Connecting rods сталь
Carriage тип"американка"
Number of speeds 1
Pedal пластик
Type of brakes Ножные
Front brake нет
Rear Brake ножной
Front sleeve сталь, гайка
Year 2016
Sleeve back сталь, гайка
RIM type сталь
Tires 12*2.4
Steering сталь, регулируемый по высоте
Wings сталь
Trunk есть
Additional equipment вспомогательные боковые колеса
Steering wheel сталь
Saddle Pin сталь
Color желтый

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