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Children's Bike bike "Racer-16" inch

Children's Bicycle "Racer-16"
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Categories: Children's bicycles two-wheeled, Children's bikes 16 inches from 5 years height up to 110 cm

Stylish, modern bike "Racer" with a wheel diameter of 16 inches, has a sturdy steel frame, equipped with front and rear brakes.

On the bicycle frame there is a special soft pad that will protect your child from unpleasant interaction with the bicycle frame!

Special reinforced and thickened spokes!

Double-fire rim wheels!

Like mountain bikes!

And also includes:

  • Front basket,
  • Drinking bottle,
  • Front and rear wings,
  • Auxiliary wheels.

The bicycle is designed for children from 5 to 8 years old.

Approximate age of the child 4-6 лет (16")
Age category детский
Frame size (orietizing height) XS (рост 100-140 см)
Wheel diameter 16"
Frame material сталь
Suspension type без амортизаторов
Plug сталь, жесткая
Connecting rods сталь
Carriage тип"американка"
Number of speeds 1
Pedal пластик
Type of brakes Ножные
Front brake нет
Rear Brake ножной
Front sleeve сталь, гайка
Year 2017
Sleeve back сталь, гайка
RIM type сталь
Tires 16*2.4
Steering сталь, регулируемый по высоте
Wings сталь
Trunk есть
Additional equipment вспомогательные боковые колеса, Корзинка
Steering wheel сталь
Saddle Pin сталь
Color синий

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