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Children's Bike 14-MERCURY Magnetic Black Frame

Children's Bike 14-MERCURY Magnetic White Frame
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Categories: Children's bikes 14 inches from 4 years height up to 105 cm

New from the brand ROYAL VOYAGE, the MERCURY-14 is designed for children from 3 to 7 years old. The bike has an original, non-repeatable design.

The cable pad passes through special holes in the frame, a characteristic option used in models of premium bicycles for adults. The frame of the bike is made of a high-strength magnesium alloy, making it lightweight and practical. The bike is equipped with front and rear disc brakes. Mercury-14 wheel discs are made of aluminum alloy. MERCURY-14 is a light, comfortable and practical modern children's bike, which will be a unique gift for both the boy and the girl.

The MERCURY-14 bike is equipped with a water bottle, a pump, a set of keys for assembling and adjusting the bike with a bell, wings, auxiliary side wheels on the rear axis of the bike!

Box sizes: 102x18x55cm

Weight NET: 9.1 kg

Gross weight: 12 kg