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Baby Stroller "Yuyo" T3101F biege Beige

Baby Stroller "Yuyo" T3101F biege Beige
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2,240 грн.
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Categories: Baby carriages "VOYAGE", Baby carriages

Baby carriagesVOYAGE, produced by this brand, are known all over the world, thanks to the worthy execution, modern design and reasonable cost.

StrollerYuyo T3101F-Modern, maneuverable and light.PStroller for city walks and long journeys.UhThe easy-to-fit stroller frame adds sophistication to appearance.

Driven by one hand, thanks to the maneuverable wheels, the front pair revolves around its axis, the stroller is irreplaceable on walks and travels. Folding the backrest to the horizontal position and lifting the bandwagon seats to increase the sleeping space, it is easy to provide your baby a place for a good rest.

A five-point safety belt with soft protective shoulder pads and a locking handrail-bumper, will create maximum protection for the child while driving. A large hood with a watch window will protect a small passenger from the sun and wind, and in a convenient basket under the seat you will place everything you need.


The stroller has a system of compact addition. You will be able to do it with one hand by pressing the button on the handle, having previously moved the protective locking mechanism to the right. It is also easy to disassemble the stroller: Moving the locking mechanism to the right and holding the button on the handle, moving up the stroller until it clicks

The stroller has a convenient handrail-bumper, which can be removed if desired by pressing the button at the place of fixing the handrail to the frame. With a strap on the backrest, the seat tilt is easy to adjust to the lying position

Under the seat there is a shopping basket, where you can comfortably place everything you need

A deep folding hood with a viewing window to monitor the child achieves maximum disclosure bySpecial strap.

To ensure the safety and comfort of the child as it grows in the stroller has a five-point adjustable seat belt, soft shoulder pads provide additional comfort, safety and comfortable position of your child

Comfortable, unregulated handle with non-slip overlay

Pedal Foot brake

4 wheels, front swivel.


1. Light FrameMade of lightweight metal

2. Folded and decomposed in one hand movement

3.LockStroller Folded

4.wide and deep seat

5.rotary Lockable front wheels

6. The backrest is adjustable to the horizontal position

7. Adjustable foot

8.good Amortization

9. Deep Adjustable Hood

10. Volume Basket for things

11.5-Point Safety belts

12. Parking brake

13. Compact in folded form

14.Cover for Legs


1. Weight:6.7 kg

2.Weight with box: 8.0 kg

3.Dimensions of the box: 41 x 24 x 64 cm

4.folded Size:30X5943 cm

5. Dimensions in decomposed form: 103x78X43Cm

6.seat width; 34Cm

7.Wheelbase Width: 43Cm

8. The length of the place to sleep:80Cm

9. Rear/front wheel diameter:13/12Cm

Type: Прогулочные
Color розовый
Flip handle: No
Поворотность колес Поворотные
Material Полиуретан
Амортизация Yes
Safety belts: 5-ти точечные
Brand Royal Voyage
Backrest Adjustment: 4-х позиционная
"One hand folding" function Yes