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Детская коляска Quattro Porte QP-234 Biege

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Baby Stroller Quattro Porte QP-234 Biege
1,490 грн. 2,500 грн.
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Categories: Baby carriages "VOYAGE", Baby Winter Strollers, Baby Stroller Books

This is the newest stroller model developed in 2018!!!

has many advantages in comparison with other similar models which are presented on the market.

The frame of the stroller, made of high-tech metal, has a strong and hardy character!

This model uses modern, high-quality fabrics from the model range "Oxford", quilted flax.

This fabric, gives a stroller, a new, unique, modern style!

Special attention, attracts the roof-hood of this model, it is volumetric, spacious and has a function of full lowering forward, to the front handle!

That gives the advantage and opportunity to hide the child from sunlight, wind and foreign views.

Parents can watch the child through the viewing window.

This model is equipped with a special handle, to carry the stroller in the folded state.

The stroller is completed with:

  • Mosquito NET,
  • Cozy
  • A warm cover for the legs.
  • There is also a cup holder for the bottle.
  • Has a deep bottom basket, for things.

The rear backrest of this stroller model is adjustable under any inclination thanks to the "Multilock" function.

The front wheel units have a rotation function around their axis, at 360 degrees.

What gives this model a stroller, high maneuverability.

The same wheels can be fixed.

The rear axle has an innovative braking system that allows you to install the stroller in stop mode, one-touch feet.

The foot is adjustable in height.

Weight 8.7 kg
Color бежевый
Safety belts: 5-ти точечные
Backrest Adjustment: 3-х позиционная