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Baby Stroller Panamera C689 Purple

Baby Stroller Panamera C689 Purple
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Categories: Baby carriages "VOYAGE", Baby Winter Strollers, Baby Stroller Books

Model Range 2018g.

Modern design with premium materials for the stroller, eco-leather on the handle pleasantly pleasing to the eye and give the attractiveness of the stroller.

Large and durable wheels make the stroller easily manageable and able to overcome even the highest curbs.

The stroller is easily folded with one click into a compact book.

The quality of the finish as well as the simplicity of the stroller design will delight you.


Wheel height-26 cm

Wheel width:

Front 3 cm

Rear 4cm

Outer radius Width-60 cm

Bed Width-36 cm
Length-90 cm

Weight-10.8 kg

The model of VOYAGE brand carriages has a skeleton and all metal parts are made of high quality aluminum. Its height from the floor to the handle is 1 meter.,

• The width of the rear wheel base is 55 cm.

• The width of the front wheelbase is 27cm.

• Seat width-37 cm.

• Depth-length of the sleeping place-92 cm.

This model uses the most high-quality fabrics of the Oxford line, and the 6-segment roof-BATISCAF descends almost to the front handle. The children's bumper is made of high quality Ecoskin! The height of the lifting and tilt of the footrest is adjustable in height! The inclination of the backrest can be adjusted at any convenient angle: from the position of the reclining horizontally to the sitting position, thanks to the universal mechanism of adjustment of the tilt position! For rainy weather The stroller is equipped with a large compact raincoat with special openings on the sides for fresh air. For easy carrying of the stroller in a false form, a special handle is provided on the frame. On the back side of the stroller is a full opening of the fabric with two snakes to ventilate the stroller, in case the child started smoking in it. Mounted rear axle, which gives the stroller reliability in operation and confidence in the movement! The stroller cloth is removed for cleaning or washing with the help of snakes on the perimeter of the stroller!

• Removable front handle.

• Lower basket for things and shopping.


• 5-point safety belts.

• The stroller has the function of folding one hand-one hand Folding.

• Rain cover

Mosquito net

. Box Size: 52 х26x 65 cm

Net Weight: 11.32 kg

Gross weight: 12.6 kg

Color фиолетовый