Baby Stroller Cane Sigma B-Y-W 302

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Baby Stroller Cane Sigma B-Y-W 302
750 грн.

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Stroller Cane Sigma B-Y-W 302-has an elliptical shape of the rear tubes of the frame.

WithAluminum frameThe stroller has a small weight, which is very convenient for active parents.

It is very compact in folded form, does not occupy much space and is convenient when carrying and storing the wheels and the plastic parts of the stroller are painted in the color of the stroller.


  • Stroller-Cane Sigma-line Byw-302 has an oval shape of the rear tubes of the frame
  • Aluminium frame
  • Coloured wheels and plastic parts
  • Foot Cover
  • Lower Shopping basket
  • Front detachable handle
  • Height-Adjustable foot support
  • Wheel diameter 14.5 cm
  • Maximum load: 20 kg
  • Weight of strollerSigma-Line Byw-302:4 kg!
Weight 4 kg
Color салатовый
Material Полиуретан, Надувные, На подшипниках
Brand Sigma-Line

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