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Delivery in Ukraine

In regions of Ukraine delivery of goods is carried out with the help of transport company "Nova Posta".

If in your city there is no representative office of the carrier "Nova Posta", delivery by other "companies-carriers" leading the activity in Ukraine is possible. Delivery of goods In this case is made only by prepayment.

The shipping cost of the carrier is formed based on the size, weight, and destination of the delivery. The services of the shipping company you pay on the spot when you receive it. The cost of delivery of bulky goods is formed based on the volumetric weight, which is calculated by the company-carrier, below are examples of approximate cost for the delivery of bulky goods.

Examples of approximate cost of large-sized goods:

  • Stroller – 120 UAH
  • Bicycle – 90 UAH
  • Avtokrelo – 80 UAH
  • Manzhi – 100 UAH
  • kchelly – 70 UAH

Требуется в редактировании!!!

When receiving the goods it is necessary to have a declaration number and an identity document.

In the warehouse of The Courier service ("Nova Posta", "Autolux", "Gunsel", "delivery", etc.) Be sure to check the complete set of goods, the presence of external damage to the packaging and defects of the product. You have the right to refuse to receive the goods on the spot, without additional costs on your part.

In case of detection of defects of goods outside the warehouse of the carrier (house)
In accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, "Law on protection of consumer rights. Article 8 ", you have the right to return the goods within full 14 calendar days from the date of purchase. Return of the goods, defect of which is found outside the warehouse of the courier service, is carried out by the buyer for own money, in the amount of the established delivery rate to date with the help of the company-carrier, or own Forces.

Pickup. How to pick up the goods yourself?

If you want to pick up the goods you ordered from our warehouse, inform the manager about it for 1-2 days before your visit to us. What would the goods be prepared for extradition on the day of your visit.