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Chairs for feeding, pelnators, swings

Chair for feeding CH-81
1,675 грн.
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High chair for feeding Sigma-Line C-C-1
1,390 грн. 1,650 грн.
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Children's Swing RB-782
1,400 грн. 1,800 грн.
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All for toddlers: swaddlers, high chairs, swings

With the birth of a child in the parents there is a need for some gadgets that help to simplify the care of their children, and in the future also to entertain.

Furniture for the smallest

Already from the first days of life of the kid almost irreplaceable object of furniture will be a baby diaper. This is a small cupboard with two open niches, one of which is placed a small mattress, and the other has holders for diapers, bottles, dummy. Diapers, napkins and other things. Buy a diaper is just necessary, it will ensure a safe dressing of the child and arrange items of care and clothes baby. Buy Baby swaddle can be in any store of children's furniture, but as this furniture with which will directly contact your baby, then buy baby swaddle price which is quite low, and the quality leaves much to be desired quite Not advisable. That's why it is better not to take risks, but to choose the swaddzers in the online store, where you can always buy baby diapers inexpensive good quality.

Comfortable and modern feeding gadgets

In the wake of the changing table young mother definitely need highchairs for feeding. Such item of children's furniture can accustom the baby to eat in one place not spoiling and not littering all room. If you care about cleanliness in the house and about the proper upbringing of your child, then you need to buy a high chair for feeding. Moreover, if you buy a highchair to feed a child, the mother will have a few minutes of free time, because the child is securely locked and can own. Such gadgets, depending on the cost, can be multifunctional. So, if you buy a high-chair for feeding the price of which will be slightly higher than the minimum, then such a gadget can be transformed into a chair and even a dollhouse. But even if you decide to buy a high-chair for feeding inexpensive, it will still be brilliantly perform its main function. We offer to buy highchairs for feeding online store sigma-Line-Here you will be offered a huge selection of quality children's furniture and if you need to buy a high chair for feeding Kiev is not the only city, we deliver their goods throughout Ukraine.

Children swings

We can also choose and buy children's swings-online store sigma-Line is always ready to give your attention a lot of different variations. We have a children's swing price which is minimal, and there are multifunction models that cost a bit more. Because if you were wondering-where to buy children's swings, then it is not a question.