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Ice skating plates
240 грн.
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Sanki Vodan
350 грн.
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Children's Sledge "Snow Star
830 грн.
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Where to buy baby sled

Sanki-This rare winter transport is a real blacksmith of happiness not only for our kids, but also for adults. After all it is so romantic to ride on a snowy mountain and to please in a snowdrift, to recollect the carefree childhood and to give a minute of happiness to relatives. However, this type of transport is more designed for children and the demand for children's sledge dominates in the market. That is why it is the duty of every parent to buy children's sledge.

Well now, if you are ripe and want to buy a sled for your baby, then you to us. To find and buy children's sledge in the online store today is not very difficult. Just look for a shop nursery on the Internet and order your favorite model. At the same time to buy sledge children quickly, you do not need to spend unnecessarily long and overpay sellers, because in the online store sigma-Line All products are delivered directly from the manufacturer.

All our goods pass a rigid system of quality control, which excludes the possibility of getting products with marriage on sale. We perfectly understand what we do and know that in the usual children's shop to buy a good quality sled, so we did everything possible to make it convenient for you to buy children's sledge in Kiev with delivery all over Ukraine, while getting a quality product For a reasonable price.