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Baby carriages production Poland Bambino 2V1

Child Stroller 2 in 1 baby Angel
5,000 грн. 5,900 грн.
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Baby Stroller 2 in 1 AVALON
6,700 грн.
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Baby Stroller 2 in 1 Sherry Lux
6,400 грн.
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Baby Stroller 2 in 1 "POLO"
9,600 грн.
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Baby Strollers Bambino 2 in 1

To the question of choosing a pram should be treated with due attention and take into account many important factors influencing the functionality of the stroller. In the process of improving prams many manufacturers have taken a big step forward.

Leading world brands have made spacious carrycot, modernized wheels, added several accessories for the convenience of moms, but the well-known brand Bambino ahead of all, releasing multifunctional strollers Bambino 2b1. This modification successfully combines everything to stop your choice and buy prams Bambino 2v1:

  • Excellent maneuverability design;
  • Unique modernized design;
  • Large hanging basket for storing things;
  • An enlarged cradle that can be removed and carried in the hands of a bag;
  • Additional accessory – Bag for objects and means of care.

All this together is a great handy gadget for the movement of the baby, with the design is equipped with the function of the transformer, due to which the stroller can be used as a walking option.

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