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Children's bikes 16 inches from 5 years height up to 110 cm

The 16-inch bike is perfect for a child from 4 to 6 years of age and up to 115 cm.

You can buy a 16-inch children's bike in our online store sigma-line. We have many models of different brands and brands. Here you can find both classic large and made under retro options such asCasper-16which looks pretty original. Retro bikes are the trenddom of this year.

The first thing to pay attention to is:

  1. On the fact that it should be a light bike, an aluminum bike 16 inches on average weighs 8 kg while its steel counterpart will weigh on 2 kg on average more. It would seem not a big difference but for a child of 5 years these 20% will be appreciable enough.
  2. Second on the quality of the bike, already taking a bike in the hand from the first seconds you should have a feeling that the bike is made qualitatively that the Shvi at welding are made soundly and qualitatively and will not fail you and your child in the most unexpected moment! Our models are assembled at the same plants that produce the best and lightest children's aluminum bikes 16 inches For example on the market of Spain, under the brand Rueda. Therefore, we are confident in our products for all 100% and give a warranty on the frame 3 years!

Very popular models of children's folding bicycles 16 inches and here we have something to offer you the latest model of bicycleMars-16.

Due to the fact that this model compact folding wheel It is very convenient to transport in the trunk of the car, public transport and also store houses.

If you have any additional questions when choosing such as for example so all the same at what age bike 16 inches will suit or which bike is the lightest and would meet exactly your requirements and wishes call us, our managers with pleasure to advise you and make for you the rating of the best children's bike 16 inches.

Children's bikes 16 inches Price
Intese-16 1945 UAH
Hammer-16 1890 UAH
Ice Frozen-16 1800 UAH
Nexx Boy-16 1840 UAH