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Children's bikes 14 inches from 4 years height up to 105 cm

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In our online store you can buy children's bike 14 inches for every taste and for any budget.

From the simplest yet reliable models to models made in ultra-modern style such as for example the new model of bicycleMars 14!

Perhaps you have wondered at what age will fit the bike 14 inches-ideal for a child aged 3-4 years and a height of 104 cm. Although all bike models are adjustable in height as the seat and the steering wheel and the child in principle can sit on the diameter of the wheel as older than 4 years and under three. But we still strongly recommend that you adhere to our recommendation in the gradation of wheel diameters and age and growth of the child, that this model of teenage bicycle served a child several more seasons after the acquisition (was on the rise) and was also not too heavy for him at the same time!

The bike is 14 inches lightweight and its weight on average is 8 kg. This weight makes it easy for the child to handle it. But thus the design of a bicycle is enough reliable and strong that not to be damaged even at strong blows if such happens.

One of the most popular models of bicycle wheel is 14 inches to date such models as:

Bike Models Price
Intese 1865 UAH
Hammer 1820 UAH
Ice Frozen 1720 UAH
Rueda 2050 UAH