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Children's bicycles 12 inches from 3 years height up to 100 cm

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In our online store you can buy a bike 12 inches at the lowest price!

Children's Bicycle 12 "is ideal for a child 2-3 years and a height of 98 cm.

Many wonder where the best way to buy children's bicycle wheels 12 inches? To meet all the latest requirements and standards was fashionable and good looking yes even at the lowest price?? Is this even possible you might ask? Yes maybe in our online storeSigma-Line.

Why do we have lower prices than others? Because we are importers and you buy the bike first hand! Also we give a guarantee on bicycles!

Why should we choose our bikes? We have children's aluminum bikes 12 inches! And also only we have a very rare model on the magnesium alloy, so if you decide to buy a super lightweight children's bike 12 inches in Ukraine The price you will be very pleased and we will gladly deliver you to any point of Ukraine to the post office where you already after the inspection Can pay for your bike.

In our shop you will find children's bikes brands such as:

  • Royal Voyage
  2. SPEED Fieids
  4. STRAIGHT A Studen
  • Mars
  • Hammer
  • Yuanda
  • Beauty
  • Ice Frozen
  • Racer
  • Fomas
  • Intense
  • Nexx Boy
  • Flora
  • Roses
  • Rueda
  • Barcelona
  • Infanta
Bike Models Price
Yuanda From 1200 UAH
Stels Pilot From 1320 UAH
Barcelona From 1390 UAH
Intense From 1650 UAH