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Baby Stroller Books

To date, few people in Ukraine can make the best offer for baby strollers book PriceReally very low since we are importers and you buy first hand and with guarantee!

Baby Stroller Mechanism BookVery convenient to use as they solve a lot of questions such as:

  • Compactness (in folded condition children's strollers of the book occupy very little space, they are convenient to take with themselves in public transport.
  • Dimensions in folded State 62 х30x50).
  • Lightness (thanks to their small weight it is not difficult to lift them. Reviews on our baby stroller BooksAlways positive, moms often take them to the house where there is no elevator! Weight of carriages about 8 kg)
  • Ease of use (these models are very convenient to fold thanks to such functions as one-hand folding that literally translates as folding with one hand! Almost all models have such a mechanism that allows you to easily fold and To lay out the stroller). Such a function is equipped with such models asSK-6F,YK-10F,YK-8Fand others
  • Comfort (some models of wheelchairs such asK-719FEquipped with an additional function of the flip handle, which allows you to comfortably move around the city and on a sunny and rainy day and in windy weather, tossing the handle at the right moment and unfolding his back together with the baby to the weather).
  • Maneuverability (almost all of our models are equipped with durable durable poluretianovami wheels that do not get washed and not fastened in one word are very convenient to use. Some of our models have an enlarged radius of wheels for greater passability If you plan to ride on uneven surface or out of town then you will be perfect models such as SigmaK-038F-2,Sigma H-225F,Sigma H-538EF,Sigma H-538AF (inflatable wheels),Sigma H-T (WFS)-D,Panamera C689 Blue (White))
  • Protection (in some models the priceVery attractive but the most important thing is that the stroller protect not only your wallet and family budget but also your baby thanks to the multi-segment roof of the BATHISCAF which has the function of lowering to the very bottom which will certainly be a great advantage in Windy weather or scorching sun, such roofs are equipped with our flagship models asQuattro Porte QP-234AndCane Dolchemio-SH638AP
Models Stroller Books Price
SK-5AF 780 UAH
SK-6F 880 UAH
YK-8F 1200 UAH
K-719F 1200 UAH